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Since its conception in 1952 the Oriental Group has grown to become one of the world’s premier print organizations that exports products to over 80 countries worldwide.

With modern manufacturing plants in Dubai and Bahrain, and Sales & Marketing offices in the Middle East and Europe, we enjoy an enviable list of clients who have remained loyal to Oriental for many decades. We manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality products in 4 business divisions- Books, Commercial Printing, Security Printing and of course Digital.

Our commitment to investment in the latest technology and equipment has ensured that the Oriental Group remains one of the leading manufacturers in the Gulf whilst providing an innovative and flexible service to our valued clients.

Our new 23000 sqm Printing Complex in Bahrain, opened in 2009, consists of 2 factories. A commercial printing facility producing Magazines, Promotional Material, Annual Reports, Calendars, office stationery, etc. A Security printing factory producing Postage and Revenue Stamps, Cheques, Share Certificates, Tickets, Bill Statements and many other high security items. Our other main production facility in Jebel Ali in Dubai focuses on colour book manufacturing, both soft cover and hard cover books, most of which are exported to global markets.

During the last few years we have invested in three 8-colour and one 6-colour printing machines to complement our existing plants, and to give customers a wide range of possibilities when planning their product needs.

We continue to develop our quality and environmental policies and have recently been FSC accredited continuing our commitment to a sound environmental strategy. The group also has a continuous improvement training and development skills program to ensure our most valuable asset, our staff, are fully equipped to handle all our customer requests in this fast changing competitive world.


In 1952,when Oriental Press was founded, there were only two presses in Bahrain. Now just over 50 years on, and in a thriving market, Oriental is the premier printing house in the Gulf region.

The firm was founded by Issa Al Zeera and has remained in the family ever since, with the current President and Managing Director Both sons of Mr. Al Zeera.



• Introduced offset printing in GCC. • Introduced Security Printing • First print facility to print stamps. • First print facility to print airline tickets.



Introduction of Col. Printing & Col. Separation – Block Printing – Letter Press – First print facility to print an Annual Report & Calendar locally


Introduced offset printing in GCC – Introduced Security Printing – First print facility to print stamps – First print facility to print airline tickets


Introduction of packaging for the first time in GCC – Expansion to newer factories at Mina Salman and Sitra – First time introduction of continuous stationery printing – Established the Jebel Ali unit at Dubai


Opening of Book Production Unit at Jebel Ali, Dubai – Establishment of UK Office – Being recognized as major manufacturer of Books in the UK publishing circles


Launching of Oriental Press Digital Unit – Delmon Press – Launching of new digital center at the Bahrain Financial Harbour – Installation of Drent Geobel Vision, the only web off-set printing press of it’s kind in the gulf. – Consolidation and specialization at a new state of art printing complex at Hidd, Bahrain. – Reorganization of print media through: Commercial Printing – Security Printing – Digital Printing – Book Printing



Dubai International Print Award 2012 ceremony, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Dubai on 8th February 2012 where our President Mr.Majeed Al Zeera was awarded.